Hutton Hill, Constable Burton,
Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL9 5RN

The MOBILE Rollover Cattle Crush

  • Minimal stress to both cow and operator 

  • Strong, robust & fully galvanize

  • Hydraulic operation  

  • 3 point mounted or high speed trailed                                        

  • One man operation & quick setup

  • Right or left hand operation

  • Control to suit operator

  • Build specs to suit both farmer and contractor

  • Quiet operation

  • Easily kept clean

  • Self contained power pack

  • (option on 3 point mounted)

Designed and engineered by JT universal the innovative Rollover Hoof Trimming Crush enables low stress hoof maintenance. All trimming is carried out by the operator when standing - no bending or crouching. The cow is gently - but firmly - raised and held on it's side without undue stress. When trimming is complete, the cow is readily and under full control, lowered back to the standing position, without risk of collapse due to cramps or fatigue.


Full hydraulic operation allows rapid cycle times when necessary, enabling high throughput. The trailed version readily tows behind most farm 4WDs and pick ups and set up for work in minutes. An external 240v electricity supply is required, which also supplies the on-board dual outlet 110v transformer for tool operation.

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